At Acorn Lawyers, our migration agent is an experienced lawyer as well. This means that our clients have a formidable team to represent them at the highest levels that always works hard to achieve the best possible results. Our leading migration agent has gone through the process of applying for permanent residency and citizenship in Australia. Their experience has provided us the understanding and insight into how stressful the visa application process can be for some applicants.

We assist our clients with all aspects of their visa application efficiently and professionally while maintaining a personal and caring approach to the whole process. Apart from assisting the individuals, we also provide corporate and business visa consulting services.

Whether you wish to apply for a work visa, partner visa, temporary visa, permanent residency or you wish to hire foreign workers, make an appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, our migration team have the knowledge, experience and skills to assist you. We offer expert advice on eligibility of potential visa applicants and we also prepare, lodge and manage the visa application for our clients.

We take pride in delivering personalised services to our clients taking the best possible approach to achieve timely and satisfactory outcomes.

While Acorn Lawyers boast of a high success rate, we DO NOT offer any guarantees regarding any outcome. Applicants must satisfy all requirements of their visa application.

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