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Offering certainty for medical decisions.
Death and dying are part of life. Healthy families wish to offer the dying peace and dignity and a painless end of life. Many of us wish to make our end of life decisions clear and unambiguous. These decisions are best defined in an AHCD or an Appointment of Enduring Guardian (AOEG).
23 Aug 2016
The Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Australia has introduced a number of changes to the occupations listed on SOL. The Department has added the following occupations to the SOL on 1 July 2016:
08 Aug 2016
The interesting case of Hunter and New England Area Health Service v A[2009] NSWSC 761…
Mr A developed renal failure and was kept alive by mechanical ventilation and kidney dialysis in hospital. The hospital later became aware of a document drafted by Mr A stating he would refuse renal dialysis. The hospital sought a declaration to effect his wishes. 
19 May 2016
The Real Property Amendment (Electronic Conveyancing) Act 2015 has introduced a new section 12E into the Real Property Act 1900 which allows the Registrar General to make Conveyancing Rules.
29 Apr 2016
Testamentary Trust Wills (TTW)are not only for the rich, even in modest estates the additional costs may be minimal compared to potential tax savings.
27 Apr 2016

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