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Estate Planning, Wills & Probate

You spend years working and building up your asset base for your family to ensure they are provided for when you move on. It is imperative that, ensure that your estate planning needs are properly attended to by expert estate planning lawyers, and include high-quality Wills, Powers of Attorney and succession documents.

Acorn Lawyers estate planning lawyers provide expert services in the areas of preparing simple as well as more complex wills that create testamentary trust wills.

Our estate planning lawyers can also assist you in creating powers of attorney, enduring guardianship and trust deeds. In addition to estate planning, Acorn Lawyers can assist you in estate administration.

More than just wills lawyers, Acorn Lawyers team of estate planning lawyers safeguard your interests and are available in the Sydney, Wollongong and greater Illawarra region.

Click here for our free 24 page Estate Planning Booklet.

Key Contacts
Anne Mowbray
Anne Mowbray
Accredited Specialist in Family Law

tel:       +61 2 4226 5711
Rocco Musumeci
Rocco Musumeci

tel:      +61 2 4226 5711
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