Contested Wills and Estate Litigation

Have you been left out of a Will?

Have you been left less than you expected or considered you should have been left in a Will? Do you want to contest a Will?

Are you unhappy with how an executor is administering the estate? Do you want to challenge how the estate is being administered? Do you want to seek to remove an executor?

Are you an executor of a Will that is confusing or does not seem to work or a Will that has been challenged, or is likely to be challenged, by someone claiming that a court should override it in their favour?

Do you want to challenge a Will on the basis that the person who passed away lacked the capacity to make or change the Will at the time, or because of suspicious circumstances surrounding the creation or amendment of the Will?

Sometimes people find themselves in one of these situations but are unwilling to take things to court because of the emotionally-charged climate associated with recent bereavement or the fear of destroying relationships.

Our expert litigation and estate planning teams work together to provide timely and cost-effective advice for contested estates and will disputes. Our experienced team are here to support you every step of the way and guide you through these complexities.

An early consultation with Acorn Lawyers can help to identify the legal issues in dispute, in many cases increasing the prospects of settling competing claims or heading off challenges without unnecessary court proceedings.

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