Compensation Law

Acorn Lawyers Compensation team provides expert legal advice on a large range of compensation claims. We believe that each matter needs to be assessed thoroughly by a member of our team whilst also working closely with all parties involved to find the best possible outcome for all.

Acorn Lawyers has had great success in numerous actions from a slippery floor case at LAX International Airport where no other lawyer could assist, to six figure awards in motor vehicle claims. Our team often successfully re-activates previously settled claims and enlivens out of time claims.

One of the strengths of our personal injury team is that we will always review your claim in a positive light even if it has been refused by other lawyers. Our teams expertise has meant that often cold cases have been turned around so that the ultimate reward has been achieved for our clients. It would not hurt to get a free 2nd opinion from the experts at Acorn Lawyers.

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